Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Floozy is not an attractive color on you, honey.

In the past year my Grand Mother passed away, God Rest. It took a pretty big toll our family. My Grand Father took it very hard as they were married for  years.
He recently came to stay with my Mother for a quick One-Week over due visit. My mother lives is one of those 55+ communities. They are really active here with Tennis, Boccie Ball, Swimming, Cricket, work out room, Craft room, they have multiple events in the club house. I mean this list can go on and on for days, but I don't have time for that nor would anyone bare with me through that list. The point here is they all pretty much know one another.

Now back to grandpa, he came out for his visit and while he was here one of my Mother's "friend" - I use this term very loosely, you'll see why-  sort of attached herself to my Grand Father. She is a huge flirt and money chaser. Think 23 year old in a 65 year old body. She not that bad looking for her age, but you can imagine our dismay when Grandpa fell for her shenanigans. If she would have played the cards right and actually wanted a REAL relationship, the correct way of going about this would be? Yup you guessed it, sitting my Mother down like an adult and talking about it with her first. Instead she just chases after Grandpa, AND to top it off she didn't even respect him when he took her out on a real date!!! She flirted with some other guy right in front of Grandpa at dinner, then left him at the dance and made him walk home, all because Grandpa danced with one other woman. I'm kinda feeling like this is High-School for seniors. LOL
This lady has hit on pretty much anyone with the proper equipment. She just had her live-in boy friend move out about a week ago, every man from MY HUSBAND -Yeah I just found out about that- to who ever she get.

She even got Grandpa to say he will take her on a trip that was meant for my Mother and Aunt. It's bad enough that my Mother had to deal with the knowledge of this going on but she also had to hear it. This woman lives 4 houses down from my Mother, so all their Hot-Tub nights my Mother heard the laughing and giggling -Yuck I know, sorry if anyone got a mental image from that.- She acts like she has done nothing wrong now that Grandpa has left and gone home. This woman keeps texting my Mother: "Hey girl, you mad at me... Wanna Talk?"  You kidding Woman??? You ever deal with that ONE person where you just need to beat the concept into their head, with a bat? Gotta hand it to my Mother, This whole time she has kept her mouth shut and just answered her repeating text messages "No." I know if that were one of my friends and my parent I would not be able to handle the situation with the grace my Mother has.

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