Saturday, August 24, 2013

The One She Left Behind.

As many of you know I had a stray cat have babies in my laundry room last night. Mama cat and her four babies where behind my washer and water softener. They were not on any blanket at or anything soft.

After much thought I got a fish oil gel capsule smeared it on turkey to get her away long enough to place a soft blanket down. Good thinking, right? Not so much. She took one of the orange ones and took off. Apparently she thought I was trying to harm them or her. Hubby and I followed her as she ran across the front yard into my neighbors yard behind a bush. Thinking we had her I moved closer to try and get her to come back. Wrong again. She ran with the little kitty into my neighbor -Tory- backyard.

So hubby jumps the fence as I knock on their door, no answer, go across the col-de-sac to his mom house ring the bell, no answer, call him on the phone, no answer. Hubby comes back home empty handed and informed he lost her in the weeds.

After some time and me on the boughboy pool ladder with hubbys stream flashlight looking into Troy's back yard, hubby comes running into our back yard yelling "she came back, she came back." Out front we venture again and she takes off again without a baby this time. I try to follow her but not so close as I don't want her to be scared and I want her to come and bring the baby back. Now it was my turn to try and get into Tory's backyard.

Major fail. I have absolutely NO upper arm strength. I stood there peeking over the fence for a good fifteen minutes. When I turned around his other neighbor -James- was standing there with his English Mastiff. At first I had no clue is was James. Startled I start gibbering on about "My cat's stray girlfriend had babies, she took off with one. I tried calling Troy, tried going to his mothers house." Finally he stops my late night Psychobabble and says to me he's going to lock up his dog and let me in his backyard.

Thinking hubby was still out front and had an eye on me, I went through his house into his backyard to try and find mama cat. No such luck James even offered and got a ladder for me to stand on, after trying to jump on the fence. Tired I finally said "Well thank you for letting me come back here and look." and started back home. Hubby had no clue I was over there and a little miffed off that I went into a strangers house without his knowledge. Understandably.

This morning when I woke up all the kittens were gone. Or so I thought!

As I picked up the blanket I had place down for the little babies this one fell out. I am hopeful that mama didn't mean to leave it behind and comes back. Until then I will play its surrogate mother.

Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Different Phases of Boys.

Recently It has been brought to my attention the different faces boys have throughout their life. Yes my oldest is only Eight years old but have noticed many different things in him.

Phase 1:
The baby

Of course all babies need/want their moms. As a first time mom we love this, no matter how insane it drives us. From early morning feeding, to late night feedings. From "haha you think I'm sleeping to Oh My God who is this person and where is my mom?" Then they finally get some sort of an  independence, in a way, which brings us to...

Phase 2:
The Independent crawler/walker

We all are so excited when our little gals and guys start crawling and walking. But that triumph is short lived the moment your little one walks away from you "that  two minutes you were gone fixing lunch" and he/she floods the bathroom by stuffing toilet paper in the sink, (or was that just me that happened too)  and you wonder why on Gods green earth you decided that your child needed to know how to walk so much earlier then all your friends kids did. As if your some kind of super mom so long as you can keep your minor flooding to a hush-hush for anyone else.

Phase 3:
The toddler

Once the toddler stage hits they get a little more independent. "Mommy I can do it!" As you sit there and impatiently wait for them to wipe their butt or tie a shoe and you hold everything back in you to not go do it yourself because you need to get to the market or you need to go check the laundry but yet you still sit back in awe as you see this tiny person you made finds a way to do things and figures out life a little more.

Phase 4:
The "Little person" (As I like to call it)

My oldest is eight years old and here I have found a few different things. Again allowing kisses, but NEVER in front of people and really your not suppose to know this. So lets keep that one on the hush-hush. He also has entered into the dare devil stage. Asking me one day if he could ride his bike down the slide into the pool. His father did some really stupid things as a kid which makes me worry a little more than I probably would. Jumping off the top of his bunk bed into piles of pillows on his bedroom floor, nearly giving me a heart attack. Catching bugs, killing spiders for me.

As I watch, or any mom watches their kids grow, I am both excited and fearful of the stages and years to come. With the ups and the downs all with love.