Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Off the wall, crazy, and neat baby cribs.

Reminds me of a circus

 Okay I like this one

For the Princess

Is this in a magical forest?
Looks really baby Prof and comfy...

Maybe for a newborn.

Definitely different.

Okay not so much the cribs, but the marry-go-round!

 Not so sure as to how safe this would be.

Alright, this is kind of cool.


  1. Very Cool! Come get your Liebster Award!

    1. I am writing it now, had to wait til I got to my moms with a computer that works. I have been doing everything off my phone otherwise :)

  2. On the one that you think might not be safe, it looks like it has a couple buckle straps ... I am not sure how comfy it would be as a crib, but the baby should be okay!