Wednesday, November 14, 2012

A Few Things About Me You Didn't Know


I am an extremely clumsy person. I walk into walls, fall off chairs, and just trip and fall. Then in most cases I say "I'm sorry" to the floor or wall. My oldest son takes after me as well. We are very accident pron. Just a few short months ago #3 threw a 'Power-aid' bottle and #1 got hit in the head by it, he ended up with a large gash on his. "Who knew an empty Power-aid bottle could be deadly? Leave it me to find that one out", he said to me. Some few weeks after that my phone rang and I got off the couch to go grab it and BAM right into the wall. Had a black eye and a large bump for days!


Spell check saves my life. No explanation or story needed.


I hate people who can't drive and have a little case of road rage. My dad taught me the '3 strike' rule "You are old, ugly,and cant drive, licence revoked!' My issue is people who have a licence that CLEARLY do not belong on the road. Also I think that once you hit a certain age you should have to re-take the test and every year after that.


My husband and I met our sophomore year of high school. We remained friends due to the different paths of life we were on. We started dating my senior year. I was going to a small privet right behind his work and bumped into him one day after school. I was just driving down the road and I heard a honk flowed by some loon screaming me name. Turns out that loon was my love. The rest is history. Ten years later and we are still going strong.
I am adopted. My birth mother was 16 years old and addicted to drugs when she conceived me. My birth father was 20 years old and in prison. Originally for assault and battery, armed robbery, breaking and entering, and aggravated assault with a deadly weapon. He was later put on work release and tried to kid nap me and my birth mother adding more charges. My birth mother kept up with her partying leaving me with whom ever for however long. The state gave her an option to either take parenting and drug rehab classes or the state would take me, as my birth fathers family were not an option, but that's a different story for another time. I love the parents I have now (God rest my dad) and would not change a thing. Although I would like to find my birth parents to ask them one simple question "WHAT THE HELL WERE YOU PEOPLE THINKING?!"

I don't feel my contractions. With #1 I woke up in the middle of the night and literally thought I had peed my pants. I just thought "WOW this is odd, the whole pregnancy and with one week to go, NOW I pee myself." I quickly changed my pants and blanks and went back to sleep. About an hour later it happened again! This time I had a small stomach ache with it. I woke up the husband and told him "I just peed twice in my sleep and my stomach hurts a little." He suggests that we go to the hospital and I tell him No and that I think it was just the 5 tacos and burrito with 20 hot sauce packets on it from Taco Bell, from dinner and that I was going to go get a bath. I fill up the tub and sit down then *WHOOSH* "Oh, that is NOT pee". I quickly hop out of the bath, throw on a baggy shirt and my husband basketball short, and run screaming "We are having this baby! I need the hospital NOW!" Now problem here, we were at his aunts house about 45min away from my hospital with no over night bag. Half way to the hospital I feel like I need to push and am screaming "FASTER!" He was already going 120 mph, 45 min drive was made in about 15min. Once we arrived at the hospital I come waddling in holding my stomach and the security guard asks us "Are you in labor?" I quickly reply "Nope I have a little head ache, YES I'M IN LABOR!!!" Leave it to me to still be a smart ass in a time like this. At this point I'm in pain I get up to the check in and the women wants me to do paperwork! I hurdle over in the wheel chair and scream "AHHHHHH!!!!!" The nurse says "Do you feel like you need to push?" Again my smart ass "That's why I am here, DUH!!" They quickly put me in a room, I threw my clothes on the floor and jumped up on that bed. I can hear my husband say "She needs pain meds." The nurse says back "She cant, shes crowing." They tell me "No pushing" What the hell, no pushing?! Yeah easy for YOU to say. A few moments later the On-call doctor comes in, I push twice and here is my little monster, err I mean bundle of joy. Haha

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