Monday, November 26, 2012

People really do judge a book by its cover!

   A week ago I needed to stop in at #1's school to check up on him. He has a problem controlling himself. Mild ADHD. Normally when I go to his school it is just to pick him up. I'm dressed in my normal attire, cutoff shorts, black tank top, flip flops, hair up in a Cindy Lou Who Do (which is really just my obnoxious way of saying messy bun). Mostly because I can only fit into Jr's clothes and I don't want to look anymore like a teenager than I already do. I have seven tattoos. I am 26 years old and look younger then that. Which I absolutely hate, I know I know some of you reading this are probably thinking "whats wrong with her?" but I often get asked or treated like my oldest son (7 years old) sister not his mom. Drives me nuts!
   Well there are a few moms and even teachers at #1's school that would give me dirty glances or not even talk to me normally when I pick him up. Why? Not a clue. On this particular day of shadowing #1 I wore more make-up then normal (Normal is just eyeliner and mascara) nice jeans with no holes in them, sneakers, and really nice top. All my tattoos where covered. I got treated so differently. One teacher actually shook my hand and said "Nice to meet you Mrs. McNutt." Huh?? Mrs. McNutt?? No one has EVER called me that. This was weird.
  The one mom who I swore hates me actually said "Hello" to me and asked if I were a parent there. I just kept thinking "Lady you are INSANE you know me. I stand next to you every day when picking up our kids." But instead of coming back at her with some random witty retort like I normally  would do I simply said "Yup." She offered her hand for me to shake, I reluctantly accepted as she said "Its so nice to meet wonderful parents that actually care for their child." Mmmhmm was all I could say. As I walked away I kept thinking what is so different? Why are people treating me differently. Even some of the other second graders actually talked to me like a parent, asked me for help with things during class. Then it me like a ton of bricks when #1 said "Why are you dressed like that? You look like a teacher. Is that Grandmas shirt?"
   Now I get it! I'm dressed differently than normal. Wow good job society! I have never really been in this type of situation before. Its really sad that Teachers, Parents, even kids treat you differently based on your clothes, tattoos etc. Just because I am small, young, look even younger, have tattoos does not make me a different person on the inside. I'm still sweet (unless you tick me off). I'm still caring. I'm still witty. I'm still human. We all are. It saddens me that people judge you solely on looks and are passing that down to their children. Knowingly or not.

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