Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Final Field Trip Of The Year.

My son's final field trip of this school year was to The
Aquarium and The Rainforest Cafe at Arizona Mills.

My day started out a little crazy. They twins were not wanting to get dressed or let me get dressed for the day. My morning  home was full of "Mommy get me juice. Mommy I need chocolate milk. Mommy I don't like to ware this dress. Mommy why I can't I ware a sweater?" All I wanted to do was dress in peace and get on my way.
At 8:30am I finally headed out the door. As I started my van I noticed the wonderful hubby left me completely on 'E'. You can imagine my frustration He was the last to drive my van and he even commented on how he needs to bring into his work because I shouldn't be using as much gas as I am. After a short, not so nice phone call, to the hubby I zipped down the freeway and dropped the twins of at my mothers house and headed to Fuzzy's school, with 15min on the clock.
I make it to the school at 9:06 we were supposed to leave at 9:15. I knocked on the Fuzzy's class window, no answer. At this point I text his teacher "Did you all leave already?" she answers me "Yes. Just did." Darn it, now that I won't be ridding on the bus I have to get gas. Isn't it always like that? Every time you need to be some place or your late, which often times its both for me, you need gas?
I finally get to the mall and everyone is still standing outside waiting to go in. I MADE IT!!!
Its such a great feeling, as some of you may know every Thursday I go and volunteer at the school all day. So these kiddos know me well. Right as I walk up all the 1st and 2nd graders turn and scream "MRS. ANGI!!!" and run over and hug attack me. Its so wonderful to know your important even if its to 30 1st and 2nd graders. I like it better actually because they are so young and pure of heart, its not a fake enjoyment they give you, they truly love having you around.
I get my list for my group of kiddos to watch for the day, only three so it was not insane. I have to brag a moment here, before we went in all the kiddos played this game. You had to get the Sea Turtle to a full life cycle, my son and his team mates turtle was the one that lived to be full grown. Proud mama here. *giggles* I stood and said "ahem, that's my boy. best sea turtle out there." I got a few chuckles for some of the other parents and the teacher.
Once we go inside it was really neat. The kids were all in awe as was I for that fact.

Some Star fishy fun

In this room the fish's swam all around you. It was kinda like being in one of those rooms where they show you what outer space looks like. Then there was this bubble where the kids could stick their heads in.

Now we walk into this other room and it had an octopus as the last fish for that area. The fist picture is the octopus with no flash on clearly you can not seem him. Now the second one you can see him. I turned on the flash and took a photo. Immediately after doing so, with 5-8 kids  right by me, Fuzzy says "Mooom! What you can't read? It says NO FLASH PHOTOS RIGHT HERE!" Shows  you how well I pay attention...
 My little dude is such a Character. He is the one with the  Peace fingers.
I told them if they didn't stop yelling I was going to feed them to the sharks. Then we found this bad boy.
The "Finding Nemo" bubble

Jelly Fish because I like them.


This room was awesome and kinda creepy all at once. The floor was a type of plexi-glass and the walls and roof were really super thick glass. In the tank all around you were the sharks, sting rays, and various other fish's.


My son thinks she has cooties... He's at that age now I guess. Her mom and I tried to get him to take a picture with her 4 times before we finally gave in and said "Screw it"


So that was our final trip of the year. Thanks for stopping by and having a looksie.

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