Monday, April 1, 2013

Monday Mingle.

Welcome back to the Monday Mingle!
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This Week's Theme: FOOD

1.  Do you have a favorite food?  One you just can't imagine living without?

Lays Plain Potato Chips. I LOVE them.

2.  Do you prefer homemade or do you eat out a lot?

I prefer Homemade. Although between soccer, ballet, and running here and there we tend to order in allot.

3.  Is food comforting to you?

A good Hardy soup.

4.  Do you have foods that you absolutely cannot stand that your significant other loves?  Do you make it even if you hate it, or do you just force them to go without?

No, my husband is the picky one. Pretty much a meat and potato guy and that's it.

5.  What's your go to food when you are just too tired to mess with anything else?

Frozen Pizza. I know its bad but sometimes I need a break, you know? :)

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