Monday, April 8, 2013

Monday Mingle


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This weeks theme:  Vacation

1.  Do you take family vacations?

We try to do one major one (out of state) once a year. In state we go about every three months.

2.  Did you take family vacations as a kid?  If so, what is the one you remember the most?

We went to California a lot, my mom has family all over there. I did go with my church to Mexico to help re build a church.

3.  What is your dream vacation, as a family, a couple or even alone?

I really want to go to Italy (family), the hubby and I are Italian. I also would love to go to Hawaii (just as a couple).

4.  What is your preferred method of traveling? Ex. flying, driving, taking a train, a cruise?

I like to drive, but if its really far then I would prefer to fly. No cruise ever for this chick!

5.  Have you already made vacations planned for this summer, or are you planning a "staycation"?
No haven't got anything planned as of yet. I want to go to Colorado, I was born there and wanted to go for a visit as I have not been there since I was 8. Nothing is set in stone though.
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